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Areas of Practice

Legal services are a necessary part of many aspects of life; from estate planning to closing on a home. The Law Office of Smokey Brown, PC, can provide experienced, compassionate care in all areas of legal service. So, no matter what life milestone you may be encountering right now – buying a home, starting a business, or planning your estate, you can count on the local firm of Smokey Brown to diligently and expertly guide you through the process.

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Legal Services Include


Incorporating your business in South Carolina requires the kind of experienced and detailed service that our firm can provide. When done correctly you can build your company’s assets, reputation, and gain the tax benefits of incorporation.

Contractual Reviews

When negotiating a contract between two parties it is necessary to ensure both sides are fairly represented. Our firm can make the contract easy to understand and remove any concerns before entering into such an agreement.

Estate Planning and Probate Law


Nothing is more important than ensuring your loved one’s wishes are fairly represented and seen through. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you, beneficiaries, and executors to settle any outstanding affairs such as debt payment, tax issues or transferring assets. We can carefully and compassionately oversee this process from start to finish.


The benefits of establishing a trust include reducing estate taxes and avoiding a long probate process in the execution of your will. Our trust attorney is experienced in the development of setting up a trust and ensuring your inheritance is distributed exactly as you wish.

Power of Attorney

Establishing a power of attorney is a necessary legal process in the event that you are somehow incapacitated. Our team can simplify this process and help you determine the person and method responsible for managing your affairs.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Closings

Purchasing a new home is an exciting step and one that requires attention to detail during the closing process. Our real estate attorney will ensure that your best interests are met throughout the closing process and that all paperwork is correctly processed and finalized.

Title Opinions

Before signing a contract on a house it is important to know there are no outstanding judgments or probate issues on the property. Our team of attorneys can perform a title search on the property and disclose any potential issues or defects that may impact your buying decision. Through our public record search we will be able to provide you a detailed title opinion before you proceed.

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